1. DeniseTavares avatar

    On Mar 14, 2020, DeniseTavares said:

    I hope you enjoyed to be here in Brazil. Don't forget to wash your hands, because we want to see you longer.????????????????
    You are always welcome.

  2. Stephy castells avatar

    On Mar 10, 2020, Stephy castells said:

    Feliz de haberlos recibido en Montevideo! IncreĆ­ble show! Felicidades! Esperamos vuelvan pronto! We love you! ????

  3. Marianitamaryan avatar

    On Mar 10, 2020, Marianitamaryan said:

    Te amo Nick Carter!!!???????????????????????????????? Espectacular Show en Buenos Aires!!! 07/03... ya queremos que regreses como nos prometiste!!!!

  4. Mrsgandy14 avatar

    On Feb 11, 2020, Mrsgandy14 said:

    I got to see yall in sept 1 2019 now i cant wait to see yall again sept 30 2020