Nick Carter Partners With 'Cure 4 The Kids' Foundation

Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 8:00 PM by User
Nick Carter Partners With 'Cure 4 The Kids' Foundation
Nick might be busy with his Unplugged solo events and the Backstreet Boys' stadium-filling tour in Mexico and South America, but it hasn't stopped him from always doing more. 

Today, Nick announced via Instagram that he is partnering Cure 4 Kids. This foundation, founded in 2007 and located in Las Vegas, is Nevada‚Äôs only childhood cancer treatment center and facility for pediatric catastrophic diseases. In a separate comment on the post, Carter revealed that he had spent time at the facility, was "blown away by the advancements and how they cared for the children", and that he is working on ways to integrate more music into the care they provide. 

This venture comes as no surprise to those who have followed Nick in recent years. While he has been big on giving back to his own community in Vegas with foundations like Candlelight Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Backstreet Boy has been dropping into children's hospitals across the U.S. during downtime on their DNA tour

If you're interested in learning more about Cure 4 Kids and all the ways you can help, whether you're in Vegas or miles away, click here.

Stay tuned for updates and more about Nick's involvement in the future! 
  1. On Mar 10, 2020, Sherri Harrell said:

    Nick is always thoughtful of others, The change in his life is so evident. Everyday he reminds me of why he is my fav Backstreet Boy! Love them all, but he is special. He has fought hard to be where he is today. He has a strong woman behind him and a beautiful son & daughter. He finally has that family he has always dreamed of. Thank you Nick, for always being "YOU". Much love!!!!

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