1. On Oct 13, 2020, Hannah l said:

    hi everyone I kinda new to this fan club but I am a really big fan nick cater and Bsb

  2. On Jul 25, 2020, silva gjoka said:

    Hi can you help me to join fanclub??????

  3. On Jul 21, 2020, Vicky Videla said:

    I really enjoyed it! Loved the old time vibes. Thank you for this, we def want some more!

  4. On Jul 17, 2020, Lauren evans said:

    How can I see your live streaming from today

  5. On Jul 17, 2020, YuliBSBCRFANS said:

    I love Nick!

  6. On Jul 17, 2020, Cintia Lisa said:

    What happened that has not started yet?

  7. On Jul 17, 2020, VIr Rodriguez said:

    Why hasn't it started yet?

  8. On Jul 17, 2020, Nicksgirl2020 said:

    I think they are late or having technical issues. Link is here.


  9. On Jul 17, 2020, Kingataz said:

    How do you see the live stream? Please help, Im missing it!

  10. On Jul 17, 2020, Nicksgirl2020 said:

    Has the live stream started? Or are we on backstreet time lol