Join Nick LIVE In The Fan Club This Week (+ Limited VIP Options)!

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM by User
Join Nick LIVE In The Fan Club This Week (+ Limited VIP Options)!

In 2009, Nick opened his own fan club as a place for fans to hang out and dropped in often for chats and streams from around the world. Since the beginning, the look and benefits of the fan club have changed to coincide with tours, new projects, etc., but one thing has always remained and that is Nick's involvement and love for his fans. 

This week, he's going back to basics - with a little extra! 

On July 16th and 17th, Nick (and friends) will be doing live streams from in studio, exclusively for fan club members. Not a member yet? Don't worry - you can purchase membership here for immediate access to the streams plus other benefits and perks throughout the year! Please note that you do not need anything other than a membership to access the livestream. Details on how to access will be sent to members' email.

The live streams will take place at the following times:

Thursday: 6pm NYC (EST) / 3pm LA (PST) / 11pm London

Friday: 3pm NYC (EST) / 12pm LA (PST) / 8pm London  

...But that's not all. 

Nick will also be opening up a LIMITED number of meet & greets for each of those days following the live streams, via Looped Live. All you have to do is head to the Nick Carter Event Page, select a date, and purchase for your chance to have a little one-on-one time with Nick! 

Once you've purchase the meet and greet, you will get an email in 24-48 hours giving you all the details you need to know.

Oh, and don't forget to grab some Nick merch while you're at it. All merch is 40% off for fan club members now through the 17th. We can't wait to see you there!

  1. On Jul 14, 2020, Nicklaurengrl28 said:

    I can't wait

  2. On Jul 14, 2020, Franci_Black said:

    I will love to join an old school chat, and if some of fans buy a vip experience great, but I'm waiting for the general chat

  3. On Jul 14, 2020, CherylB said:

    I tried to get my meet n greet but payment declined but I had enough in my bank!!! And the link did not work

  4. On Jul 14, 2020, Nancy JANSSENS said:

    Good evening nick aim Nancy AIM from belguim and ia AIM big fan form and guys your music so amazing aim proud of you all guys aim so proud that aim big fan of you all guys i hope that you all coming to belguim i hope next year beause i have a surprise from you all but i gone not telling you what that is ai wish you all very best white your music and white guys greatings Nancy and boyfriend ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. On Jul 14, 2020, Greta said:

    I need to know how to proceed as well.. It is not very clear. I purchased the virtuali meet and greet but i havent received any info, only the receipt of the order. I hope i haven't made any mistake! I am not in the US, I live in Cyprus

  6. On Jul 14, 2020, Michelle p said:

    I had it in my cart and then it sold out. So frustrating

  7. On Jul 14, 2020, Mary grecco said:

    So how does the one on one work? I paid the 150 but it does not really say how to or where to go for it

  8. On Jul 14, 2020, Sabrina FraNie said:

    So exited, i need more Nick in My life!

  9. On Jul 14, 2020, CesuRomero said:

    I´m so happy! I´ll see you <3

  10. On Jul 14, 2020, Jess2210 said:

    This would be a dream come true.

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