1. On Nov 2, 2020, littledoll said:

    Someone gifted me with a sub, thanks a bunch for that. But I don't know what to do with it. What can one do with that?

  2. On Nov 2, 2020, Nita said:

    What benefits do we who are members of his FC have on twitch??

  3. On Oct 10, 2020, Jackie Rivera said:

    Are you planning of Streaming with a fan while playing a game?

  4. On Sep 30, 2020, Samanthalima said:

    when will the new album be released?

  5. On Sep 30, 2020, Samanthalima said:

    I can't wait to reschedule the Sao Paulo show so I can see you up close, and if it does, give you a super hug ????

  6. On Sep 30, 2020, littledoll said:

    I love seeing Nick live <3 :o)
    Who is Nick's favorite guitar artist and what is Nick's favorite song with all the drums?

  7. On Sep 30, 2020, t o m o said:

    I've been enjoying watching him! Thank you for doing this, and thank you for all the info updates!

  8. On Sep 29, 2020, Tere G said:

    (2) I can only know Nick news through this page where I have the membership since I don't use other social media, except Instagram but I haven't yet been able to reactivate my account (but I hope to recover it soon) Thanks for answering.

  9. On Sep 29, 2020, Tere G said:

    Hello, how are you NickTeam, that looks interesting! but I have a question, is there any possibility that Nick interacts on this page with us or with those like me who don't have that app yet nor do we have other social media for now? Thanks

  10. On Sep 29, 2020, Xio Rmz said:

    Nick always say contact neurotic with questions but does he pick the questions from the chat or is any other user/contact to talk with him?