1. On Oct 19, 2020, Karen Miska said:

    Can’t wait :)

  2. On Oct 12, 2020, Karin4nick84 said:

    I hope that nick sees my pumpkin I made out of loom bands it has his first name on it, it took me 2hrs xxxx

  3. On Oct 10, 2020, Sophie said:

    Love this contest! It was fun being a part of it. I sent mine earlier today. I can’t wait to see who wins!

  4. On Oct 10, 2020, Charissa Chan said:

    Is it possible to be a group effort and if we win we can do a group zoom chat with all the people involved?

  5. On Oct 10, 2020, Lala carter said:

    Cant wait

  6. On Oct 9, 2020, littledoll said:

    ps "that could be He-Man" LOL

  7. On Oct 9, 2020, littledoll said:

    I laughed so hard with PopKid Nick's terms and conditions especially as described in "throughout the universe" twice <3 :o)

  8. On Oct 8, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    Fantastic I can't wait!!! Great Nick