1. On Nov 22, 2020, Elia Esther said:

    Wooow.. Quieroooo!!!

  2. On Nov 21, 2020, ncarterssweettha said:

    Amazing new merch ! Thinking of buying a couple of things . just not sure what i want to get lol . i was wondering will you be making any phone cases for the galaxy note 9 ?

  3. On Nov 20, 2020, acame003 said:

    Loving all the Merch Nick! I even added something to my Christmas list from your shop!

  4. On Nov 20, 2020, annadavis09 said:

    Well even I am impressed with his merch where and I am thinking of buying one, https://officemanagementgatewayllc.com/ have also had similar merchandise and I brought those from there as well.

  5. On Nov 18, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    Awesome new merch, I adore you Nick!