It's Nickmas Time Again!

Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM by User
It's Nickmas Time Again!
La da la da da... it's Nickmas time again! 

It's officially the holiday season and if you're a Nick Carter fan club member, you've probably been waiting for Nickmas time to arrive, a "season" that has become a fan favorite over the past few years with Nick-themed "gifts" being given for a few days leading up to Christmas. 

Wait no longer, FC members... It's finally here! 

We will be updating this news post daily with the giveaway of the day (as well as posting it on social media, the FC, and the official FC Facebook group) from today through 12/15! You will be able to enter the giveaways by logging into the fan club and clicking 'Contests'. You are allowed to enter more than one day, but you can only win once!

Not a fan club member yet? Don't worry -- you can join at any time during Nickmas and enter to win! 

FINAL DAY: The time has gone by so quick, but today you can enter to win a video message from NICK!
Log into your FC account and enter to win here.
  1. On Dec 16, 2020, Janine Rose said:

    Again no luck. Congrats to the winners

  2. On Dec 16, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    Unfortunately no winn

  3. On Dec 16, 2020, Cherry Lyn Naval said:

    Wishing and praying I'll win the video from Nick :)

  4. On Dec 15, 2020, Chrystal marshburn said:

    I hope to win i love you Nick

  5. On Dec 15, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    I'm so excited for my first Nickmas

  6. On Dec 15, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    I'm so excited for first Nickmas

  7. On Dec 15, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    Wow! Nice video message from Nick

  8. On Dec 15, 2020, Sabrina Kuroda Reis said:

    I'm so excited about that!

  9. On Dec 15, 2020, Sophie said:

    Love Nickmas!

  10. On Dec 14, 2020, littledoll said:

    Where is Day one?

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