It's Nickmas Time Again!

Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM by User
It's Nickmas Time Again!
La da la da da... it's Nickmas time again! 

It's officially the holiday season and if you're a Nick Carter fan club member, you've probably been waiting for Nickmas time to arrive, a "season" that has become a fan favorite over the past few years with Nick-themed "gifts" being given for a few days leading up to Christmas. 

Wait no longer, FC members... It's finally here! 

We will be updating this news post daily with the giveaway of the day (as well as posting it on social media, the FC, and the official FC Facebook group) from today through 12/15! You will be able to enter the giveaways by logging into the fan club and clicking 'Contests'. You are allowed to enter more than one day, but you can only win once!

Not a fan club member yet? Don't worry -- you can join at any time during Nickmas and enter to win! 

FINAL DAY: The time has gone by so quick, but today you can enter to win a video message from NICK!
Log into your FC account and enter to win here.
  1. On Dec 14, 2020, Nadine Overath said:

    First time for me joining this special Nickmas-time ????thank you so much for all what you do, love you!!! And good luck to everyone ????????

  2. On Dec 14, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    I adore you Nick

  3. On Dec 13, 2020, Karin4nick84 said:

    I really want to win the meet and greet cos there is so much more I would say to nick that I probably won’t have time for, and I assume it’s a virtual meet and greet and I have seen so many fans putting up all there experience that they have had with nick and the boys and I have always said I will save up as much as I can even if it takes me 2 years until nick and the bsb comes back to London I am determined to meet the bsb no matter what, pain or no pain nothing will ever stop me from seeing my boys and it’s probably going to be a once in a life time opportunity that will probably won’t happen again but if I had the money right now and everything was safe I would travel to Vegas my self on my own if need be, but that would mean I would have to stay with someone one don’t know who though as I am special needs with learning difficulties and adhd and ptsd which if that ever happened that would be the best thing ever to stay with one of the boys but we know for 1million% that will never happen but hey a fan can dream can’t she, And with me on a personal level nick and the bsb are far more grater to me then just a boy band, nick and. The boys have helped me through my darkest hours over the last 6weeks if it wasn’t for nick and the bsb I wouldn’t be here today, I know that they can’t always do certain things with fans but I just wished I could be just that lucky girl who all her dreams come true and everything I have dreamed of, you think you will have best friends until you need them one day and they don’t want to know you no more, and they make you feel useless and they use you cos being a special needs person they take the piss out of it all the time, in the end I had enough of being used and having so called friends just stab you in your back, I am a very troubled person got a hell of a lot of emotional baggage on my shoulders, please please please please nick your the best nick you truly are an inspiration to me and if it wasn’t for you nick I wouldn’t be here today and I have said this so many times on other messages expressing how I feel on a day to day basis and people can get very board of my messages especially cos they can be pretty long and some people just don’t have that patience with me to even sit down and read what I have put up, and people are always having a go at me telling me I am useless fat ugly a spastic and that I don’t know nothing, and that people should stay away from me, I just hope that nick dose read this and understands what it’s like for me, which I think he Will read this as he sees everything people right I am just praying and hoping that something good will happen in my life xxxx

  4. On Dec 13, 2020, Karin4nick84 said:

    I am going to try and win the vip tickets that’s what I really want for Christmas so I am keeping my fingers crossed xxx

  5. On Dec 13, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    I want this socks popkidnick!

  6. On Dec 13, 2020, Bianca1984 said:

    Love it????

  7. On Dec 13, 2020, Elia Esther said:


  8. On Dec 12, 2020, Carolyn Walfish said:

    It really sounds amazing and I hope I can get a Nickmas present too.

  9. On Dec 12, 2020, Angela Alkimin said:

    Amo demais o Nick quero muito ganhar um presente dele, sou fã desde sempre. ????

  10. On Dec 12, 2020, Nita said:

    Oh, I wish I could get a Nickmas gift

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