BSB + Britney Spears' Collab "Matches" OUT NOW!

Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 2:00 PM by User
BSB + Britney Spears' Collab "Matches" OUT NOW!
Is it 2020... or 1999? Because the Backstreet Boys have just collaborated with Britney Spears on a new song and it debuted at #2 on the iTunes charts almost immediately after its release! 

"Matches", the song that Rolling Stone described as "a delightful hit of contemporary club pop accentuated with dramatic strings that are somewhat reminiscent of the Max Martin-style songs that made Spears and BSB superstars", has been released on the reissue of Britney's 2016 album, Glory, but is available for streaming and digital download on all platforms. Listen Now!

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  1. On Dec 16, 2020, Silvia Marchetti said:

    Really love it ... this sound is inside my mind ??

  2. On Dec 16, 2020, Kaossss said:

    Can't get BritneyXBSB out of my head

  3. On Dec 16, 2020, Lu_De_Lua said:

    I loved it, it is a current song, but it reminds us of the past, as a teenager Nick was already my love and I listened to Britney a lot.??????

  4. On Dec 16, 2020, acame003 said:

    I absoultly love it! <3

  5. On Dec 15, 2020, Miss_Janine said:

    I love it! I bought it on itunes, and it’s on repeat! Nick’s part is my favorite ;)

  6. On Dec 15, 2020, silva gjoka said:

    Love it??

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