1. On Dec 16, 2020, Silvia Marchetti said:

    Really love it ... this sound is inside my mind ??

  2. On Dec 16, 2020, Kaossss said:

    Can't get BritneyXBSB out of my head

  3. On Dec 16, 2020, Lu_De_Lua said:

    I loved it, it is a current song, but it reminds us of the past, as a teenager Nick was already my love and I listened to Britney a lot.??????

  4. On Dec 16, 2020, acame003 said:

    I absoultly love it! <3

  5. On Dec 15, 2020, Miss_Janine said:

    I love it! I bought it on itunes, and it’s on repeat! Nick’s part is my favorite ;)

  6. On Dec 15, 2020, silva gjoka said:

    Love it??