Chat With The Pink Croc on Looped Live! Meet & Greets On Sale Now

Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 7:00 AM by User
Chat With The Pink Croc on Looped Live! Meet & Greets On Sale Now

Nick will be doing a select number of virtual meet and greets this weekend, Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20 between 1 and 4pm Pacific. Meet and greets are on sale NOW!

Saturday, December 19th available here

Sunday, December 20th available here

Upon purchasing, LoopedLive will send you further instructions on how your meet and greet works.

  1. On Sep 9, 2021, Princess_Snookums said:

    Hi, name's Dekara. I'm 33 yrs old. I just turned 33 on September 05th. I've got 2 sisters & 1 brother. I live with my older sister. I just want to say, it'd be a dream to meet you. I was @ your concert when you performed with BSB in Sudbury when you had a concert here, I was with my sister, brother & sister in law. My brother was surprising me with me meeting you backstage but they told him I couldn't :(. Like I said, It'd be a dream meeting you or just to video chat you. Have a good day Nick. Bye.

  2. On Dec 20, 2020, Andrea Lorentz said:

    Has the date been changed again?! Does anyone else see event starting on December 21 in the looped app now?

  3. On Dec 19, 2020, Diana Nieto said:

    Has anyone received any info about the video call from the fan club or looped?

  4. On Dec 19, 2020, valentina ricci said:

    The winners of the virtual M&G have been announced?

  5. On Dec 19, 2020, SuzieQ said:

    I have not got my instructions for my video call on looped yet

  6. On Dec 18, 2020, Litsa Dantzer said:

    Has anyone received their info from Looped Live?

  7. On Dec 18, 2020, silva gjoka said:

    I would love to meet you ??

  8. On Dec 18, 2020, Christy Delilah said:

    when will winners be annouced?

  9. On Dec 18, 2020, Autumn E said:

    I would love to meet you

  10. On Dec 18, 2020, Marie-Soleil said:

    Bought mine too for Saturday!!

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