Unmasked: Nick Talks About His Experience On 'The Masked Singer'

Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 9:00 PM by User
Unmasked: Nick Talks About His Experience On 'The Masked Singer'
Unless you're living under a (croc) rock, you know that Nick Carter was revealed as the crocodile on the season finale of The Masked Singer, ending his journey by appropriately performing Journey's "Open Arms"

No stranger to reality shows, this time was different for Nick. He's been performing for the past 28 years as a Backstreet Boy, but this is the first time that he's gotten to perform anonymously, really honing his talents for the masses. 

"Putting the mask on and performing so people could only hear my voice and them enjoying it... that got me that far and it gave me confidence to say maybe my talent has matured to the point where I can give it a shot from the solo perspective. That’s why I'm recording another solo record now and getting ready to drop a single," Nick told Billboard in an interview following his stint on the show. In a separate interview with Variety, he added that the opportunity to perform as the Crocodile "was a way to maybe grow a little bit more as an artist. For my group and also individually."

So was he disappointed to place third in the finale? Not at all. "I am extremely grateful to be a part of something so special," Nick told Digital Journal. "The cherry on top of all of this was being able to do something that I could share with my kids. Seeing how excited they were to see the Croc on stage made this experience 10 times more meaningful."

Read more about Nick's Masked Singer experience in this Entertainment Weekly interview and TV Insider, check out which one of his bandmates figured him out from his first performance, what Nick had to say in his first unmasked interview, and what Odin had to say about all of it!
  1. On Jan 12, 2021, Rosa FutureStar said:

    He left me super shocked! How long had he been holding out on us?

  2. On Jan 7, 2021, Veronika said:

    You did an amazing job of going onto the masked singer and what a journey of being a crocodile, try not to reveal your identity but as soon as I heard you sing I knew right off the bat it was you because I've been a big fan of you guys ever since I was 16 Years Old although you didn't win the masked trophy that's okay us BSB fans are so proud of you of getting that far being in the top three finalist. Looking forward of seeing you and the rest of the Backstreet Boys come to The Woodlands, TX in June for the DNA concert - lots of love Veronica.

  3. On Dec 30, 2020, BSBDee said:

    Nick, I knew it with you right away I only had to listen to you sick for about 10 seconds! You were absolutely amazing just like you always are when you perform. You put everything into it I could tell. I wish you had won. Of course, I think you were the best , but I am slightly biased because I have been a fan of you and the Backstreet Boys since I was 14. I love you! I hope to see you and the other boys next year on July 23rd 2021 in Burgettstown PA for the DNA concert. I will be sitting in the wheelchair accessible seating section with my fiancee Matthew.

  4. On Dec 18, 2020, Kaossss said:

    I was looking for the interviews, thank you for gathering them, really helpful! Crocodile rocks!

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