1. On Jan 16, 2021, valentina ricci said:

    Congrats for your new baby Nick and Lauren!!!!!!

  2. On Jan 15, 2021, Bortolassikassia said:

    Parabéns nick e lauren..estou feliz por vocês ????????????

  3. On Jan 15, 2021, acame003 said:

    Congratulations! So Happy for you both! <3

  4. On Jan 14, 2021, Ines Palumbo said:

    Congratulation! Beautiful news! Im so happy for you guys! <3

  5. On Jan 14, 2021, Ellen1206 said:

    Congratulations to you all!!! A great start of 2021 ????

  6. On Jan 13, 2021, babygirl196190 said:

    Awww congratulations Nick and Lauren Best wishes I’m so happy for You guys! Your family is so cute??????????????????

  7. On Jan 13, 2021, Tainara said:

    Congratulations Lauren and Nick! Wonderful news!

  8. On Jan 13, 2021, Silvia Marchetti said:

    I’m really happy fir you and your beautiful family .... you deserve all this Joy

    Love and hugs from Italy to all of you

  9. On Jan 13, 2021, miss_ftanzi said:

    Congratulations to Nick and Lauren! I am so happy for you guys ?

  10. On Jan 13, 2021, Veronika said:

    OMG! That's awesome news for you both and to have a new addition to the family; I know Odin & Saoirse will make a wonderful brother/sister to their sibling. I hope you enjoy the welcome of the arrival in April before heading back out on the road to finish touring the rest of the DNA; all of us bsb fans are looking forward of seeing pics when the new Carter member arrives. God bless the four of you.