1. On Apr 29, 2022, WolfgirlNana42 said:

    I think I'm in touch with a scammer. He asks for funds, claiming to be you. He also claims that you're kids always say hi. Even sent me this really nice gift for Easter. I really don't know what to think about it, now that I'm seeing reports about a scammer using your name, it really scares me.

  2. On Mar 10, 2022, Angarad said:

    A día de hoy 10 de marzo de 2022 ,sigue habienod alguien que busca estafar dinero.
    Hoy me hablaron de una nueva diciendome que era Nick Carter y que se habia hecho una página nueva porque se habia enterado que habian estafadores en su nombre...
    En cuanro le pregunté si era de Nigeria (el pais de donde era el que me estafó a mi)me bloqueó...
    Cuidado !!!son un grupo y tienen conocimiento de informática para hacer la estafa lo mas real posible...

  3. On Oct 12, 2021, Babyovfive said:

    I have been on his Instagram and he sent me direct message.. then gave me number to text. It's local number but he's not in my state he lives different state.

  4. On Aug 15, 2021, Johanna Carter said:

    I've been chating with many scammers, who i really thought to be you at first. Made me fall in love with you even more ????????????????????????????????????????

  5. On Jul 20, 2021, musiclover68 said:

    Hello how can i report Nick Carter imposters.They are imposters that asking me to buy itunr csrds ? Ive been scsm and i would like to report it?

  6. On Jun 26, 2021, Danielle diecidue said:

    I had a problem to the same thing happened to me and my I reported fraudulent

  7. On May 6, 2021, Mark Paolo Moro said:

    I have chatted impostor accounts of my Idol, Mr. Nick Carter. Because I thought that they are really my Idol. I have screenshots that they are asking to me to buy for some of their Tshirts that costs 3000$. And also they are forcing me to buy for their products. And now I already blocked them. But I really want to report them cause they fooled me. Please help me to report them. I really want to show my screenshots to my Idol.

  8. On Apr 25, 2021, Stacie99 said:

    There is a person acting like nick carter. On whats app and text messaging me asking for money.

  9. On Apr 21, 2021, Tina Reyling said:

    I've had someone who claims to be Nick message me from Hangouts. Idk if it's really him but whoever it is has asked me to download whatsapp and contact him from there. I told him that I don't have room on my phone or I would and he replied, forget it.

  10. On Apr 19, 2021, Constanza Carter said:

    hi! from Chile
    I have reported and blocked about 15 accounts...
    Only the first time I spoke with an imposter and he asked me for money I reported him and from that day all reportered!