Scam Alert: Watch Out For Nick Carter Imposters!

Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 8:00 PM by User
Scam Alert: Watch Out For Nick Carter Imposters!
As many of you know, there is a number of social media accounts that are attempting to message fans, pretending to be Nick Carter in order to get money (sometimes in the name of a fake charity), gift cards, and / or personal information. These are not Nick Carter and / or anyone associated with him personally.

In recent months, these fake accounts and attempts have only seemed to multiply. DO NOT INTERACT WITH ANY ACCOUNT PRETENDING TO BE NICK CARTER. You can verify that it is not Nick by checking the accounts to see if they are verified (with a blue check mark). Rest assured, the real Nick Carter will never ask you for funds of any kind.

If you are contacted by an imposter account, please help us eliminate these accounts by referring to the social media platform's instructions and reporting them immediately. 

You can find Nick's ONLY social media accounts here:




PopKidNick Twitter

PopKidNick Instagram

PopKidNick Facebook

  1. On May 6, 2021, Mark Paolo Moro said:

    I have chatted impostor accounts of my Idol, Mr. Nick Carter. Because I thought that they are really my Idol. I have screenshots that they are asking to me to buy for some of their Tshirts that costs 3000$. And also they are forcing me to buy for their products. And now I already blocked them. But I really want to report them cause they fooled me. Please help me to report them. I really want to show my screenshots to my Idol.

  2. On Apr 25, 2021, Stacie99 said:

    There is a person acting like nick carter. On whats app and text messaging me asking for money.

  3. On Apr 21, 2021, Tina Reyling said:

    I've had someone who claims to be Nick message me from Hangouts. Idk if it's really him but whoever it is has asked me to download whatsapp and contact him from there. I told him that I don't have room on my phone or I would and he replied, forget it.

  4. On Apr 19, 2021, Constanza Carter said:

    hi! from Chile
    I have reported and blocked about 15 accounts...
    Only the first time I spoke with an imposter and he asked me for money I reported him and from that day all reportered!

  5. On Apr 19, 2021, blogdemaria said:

    No entiendo como es que hay gente que aún caen en estas estafas. Dos dedos de frente por favor. Ningun BSB te va a llamar! Nunca! Jamás!

  6. On Apr 16, 2021, Nickcarterbabe87 said:

    I got scammed by like 6 nick carter imposters on ig the latest one was the most convincing of them all he acted like the real one in every way until things got weird he asked me for my personal info and bank info he suppoably wanted to send me money to help me pay my bills and said he and his wife were having problems and wanted to leave her and marry me after she has the new baby then he asked me to pay for a package the he suppoably sent to me with cash prize, merch, autographed photos and the shipping for it was gonna be over 800.00 that was totally nuts so i rejected it Then he so called video called me on the whatsapp but they were stolen videos of the real nick that i already saw on his Instagram lives to make it looklike i was talking to him face then yesterday was the final straw this crazy dude asked me to take care of a financial problem he was having without the media finding out meaning he demanded me to send him 60,000 cash in a brief case Then i said no freaking way are u nuts u are not nick Carter he would never ask us fans for any funds of any kind and ontop of that he wanted me to buy a game card for his son one day last week and no i didn't do it so he got really angry with me so i just reported him and blocked his ass its disgusting how bored people get and wanna pray on us devoted fans just to get a rise out of us I know nick loves us so much he would never do a thing like that so if you get a dm on Instagram requests under the name nick_carter gene immediately report and block him at once he is a romance scam artist and crook with no life!!!

  7. On Apr 14, 2021, Angarad said:

    Estoy decepcionada como fans porque no hacen nada para que no siga pasando ,claro está tan por encima, qiele da igual si la gente que cree en el sufre nickkk057 nueva cuenta.en España las super estrellas no dejan que las estafen sin mas,aqui su equipo ya hubiese hecho algo

  8. On Apr 14, 2021, Angarad said:

    Hoy nuevamente jn caradira me ha vuelto a agregar,. Ickkkp57 dando me las gracia por mis mensajes y pidiendo disculpas por si me engañaron... obviamente se que es el mismo y en cuanto le dije que ya me había estafado me dejo de hablar..lo volví a llwvar a la policía, pero, pienso que desde su equipo no les importa mucho que estafen a gente porqie no hacen nada!¡Yo crei que el mismo representante deberia ponerser en el asunto y no dejar qie estafen, clar9 si a ello noles xule ...yo voy a seguir hasta el final per9 señoras son nigerianos para sacar dinero...

  9. On Apr 12, 2021, Francine Q said:

    Just got a follow request on instagram from nick carter 100 be careful bsb fans it’s a scam once you accept him he sends you to a telegram app to continue with the scam username for telegram @privatenickcarter after a while he changes it

  10. On Apr 6, 2021, Angarad said:

    Lo que no se como pudo hacerme videollamadas y yi hablar con el...

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