Street Team

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 12:50 PM by Vanessa

Hey Nick Fans,

Look out for the Official Nick Carter Street Team hanging outside of the venue and passing out details about Nick's upcoming album on the NKOTBSB 2011 Tour!

  1. On Jun 20, 2011, Ashley1280 said:

    how do you become a member of the street team?

  2. On May 5, 2011, BedtimeDelicious said:

    Did anyone else apply for the street team from the link Vanessa gave to another fan?

    I applied and did an interview with the company. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be chosen and that I can represent Nick. Hopefully at least one of us here on can be on his street team. I think it wouldn't make sense if none of us are chosen. We all love Nick here! We even paid just to be a part of this website. The least we could get is a chance to spread the love to other people.

  3. On May 2, 2011, Jami2523 said:

    I would be part of the street team for free!!! ;) lol

  4. On Apr 30, 2011, frackgurl4ever said:

    @meg thansk its to bad fans cant be a part of it :(

  5. On Apr 29, 2011, FAYEluvsBSB said:

    Keeping fingers crossed for a U.S. tour!!!

  6. On Apr 29, 2011, Meg said:

    @frackgurl I don't remember who said it on twitter, but she said that she messaged Vanessa and she said that an ouside company was hired for the street team.

  7. On Apr 29, 2011, Franca Sparaco said:

    @Meg, awww, fans won't be part of the street team, thanks for keeping us updated, lol.

  8. On Apr 29, 2011, frackgurl4ever said:

    @meg where did u see that on twitter

  9. On Apr 29, 2011, frackgurl4ever said:


  10. On Apr 29, 2011, Meg said:

    Just saw on Twitter that fans won't be part of the street team... :(

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