Update from Nick

Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 5:05 PM by matt

Nick announces that fan club members will get an exclusive sneak peek of his new video for "I'm Burning Up" and discusses upcoming tour dates!

  1. Sisters-Angel & Lizzie avatar

    On Dec 17, 2011, Sisters-Angel & Lizzie said:

    Thanks Nick for the update :)

  2. Maddie avatar

    On Oct 31, 2011, Maddie said:

    I can't wait to see your new video. You look great in this video. Thanks for taking time to update us here :)

  3. Janet avatar

    On Oct 31, 2011, Janet said:

    Thanks for the update Nick! (And I love the hair...:P)

  4. Pamela avatar

    On Oct 30, 2011, Pamela said:

    Yup he definitely needs a haircut and does anyone else notice some bagginess in his eyes?

  5. sofdlovesbsb avatar

    On Oct 30, 2011, sofdlovesbsb said:

    @MaryAlien I agree with you about cutting his hair,it's
    Also forgive him about not knowing where the winner was from,he probably just thought it was that and didn't know what else to it is Nick you know :p lol

  6. Mary_Alien avatar

    On Oct 29, 2011, Mary_Alien said:

    1st, nick hun cut ur hair... u need a haircut like NOW :P
    2nd u said bout the art contest to the japanese fans n american fans... well babe, lemme tell u this, the winner was from SPAIN woohoooooo spanish power babe!!! :) im so proud of the winner cos shes somebody i know mwahahahahahaha
    n last but not least... c u in april sweetie! :p We'll b showing up again the spanish power as we did in koln in may... this time in London ;) get ready to listen a bunch of ppl speaking in spanish n having a bunch of spanish girls at the firsts rows ;) , since u guys didnt come here... we had to do something to b able to show u that our country loves u :p

  7. deborah caponero avatar

    On Oct 29, 2011, deborah caponero said:

    Love u so so much

  8. *TOMO* avatar

    On Oct 29, 2011, *TOMO* said:

    wow, Nick! Thanks soo much for the message with your new hair :D
    Can't wait to see you in only 19days. Really looking forward in Osaka.
    Aishitemasu #&9825

  9. nicksbabe28 avatar

    On Oct 29, 2011, nicksbabe28 said:

    We love you too Nick, lol!

  10. musicismylife avatar

    On Oct 29, 2011, musicismylife said:

    Nick really sounds totally excited :).
    Thanks for the update Nick! CanĀ“t wait to see the Burning Up Video. Have fun in Canada & Japan!

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