Nick on Twitter

Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 1:02 PM by User
Nick on Twitter
Follow him here .
  1. Clau SC avatar

    On Jan 28, 2016, Clau SC said:

    Love u so much!!!

  2. Sisters-Angel & Lizzie avatar

    On Dec 17, 2011, Sisters-Angel & Lizzie said:

    already do :)

  3. frackgurl4ever avatar

    On Jan 25, 2011, frackgurl4ever said:

    i am following him

  4. Carobe44 avatar

    On Sep 28, 2009, Carobe44 said:

    I've been following him for a while now! I miss his random tweets lol

  5. Mariana avatar

    On Aug 3, 2009, Mariana said:

    I am always smilling when he tweets! soo funny..... but I wish he give me a shout out some day.... /mariana_cantu

  6. alekrter ♥ avatar

    On Jul 23, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:

    i love...

  7. Ana Cristina avatar

    On Jul 23, 2009, Ana Cristina said:

    Nick !!!

  8. Gaby avatar

    On Jul 23, 2009, Gaby said:

    of course that I folling you Nick!!

  9. Monica Team Europe! avatar

    On Jul 18, 2009, Monica Team Europe! said:

    I wonder if he's tough enough to twitter his locations in Europe!! LOL!

  10. Clau SC avatar

    On Jul 11, 2009, Clau SC said:

    I think I'm addicted too !

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