October Special Edition Item

Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 2:40 PM by jennie(ctrl)
October Special Edition Item

The Special Edition item for October is a full zip hoody with tribute to one of Nick's favorite holidays....HALLOWEEN! Get it while it's hot!

Only 100 will be available. Shipments will be mailed out no later than Oct. 26. 


  1. On Oct 9, 2009, Alexis_RN said:

    woo hoo i ordered mine!! :)

  2. On Oct 9, 2009, SabiKaos said:

    OMG!! I want one so bad!!!

  3. On Oct 9, 2009, Cate85 said:

    @Veronick YEAH !!! :-P hehe

  4. On Oct 9, 2009, Veronick said:

    I bought mine too!!!lol!!! wow amazing...!!!

  5. On Oct 8, 2009, Cate85 said:

    I bought mine :-D !!!!!! love it !!!

  6. On Oct 8, 2009, KimTheKaotic said:

    I wonder if they could bill me and I could pay them with a check? that would be sooo sweet!

  7. On Oct 8, 2009, Meg said:

    Woo hoo!!! I just bought mine!!! :)

  8. On Oct 8, 2009, KimTheKaotic said:

    fuck ggrrr. I lost my debit card and my new one hasnt come in the mail yet, those better not sell out or i'll cry so bad :(

  9. On Oct 8, 2009, KimTheKaotic said:

    omg i want i want i want i want!!!!!!!

  10. On Oct 8, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:

    i love it!!!

    I want one but I am afraid may not receive it as my poster that has not yet reached !!

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