1. On Oct 16, 2009, nicksbabe28 said:

    I'm REALLY looking forward to getting mine, hope it comes soon :D
    As soon as I saw them I loved them and wanted one!

  2. On Oct 16, 2009, Almu said:


  3. On Oct 16, 2009, Deedeel said:

    i would like to have one for walking in germany while i'll be doing the fanwalk... but unfortunately my credit card doesn't work :'((

  4. On Oct 16, 2009, Mallie said:

    I love this hoodie! and I can't wait to see it in real life and try it on! It's freezing in my country so I really need it :P

  5. On Oct 16, 2009, Frack's_Shorty said:

    I love this hoodie! I cannot wait to get mine!

  6. On Oct 16, 2009, Saldawgli said:

    I ordered mine last week but it still hasn't come... Hope it gets here soon !!!!!!!

  7. On Oct 16, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:


  8. On Oct 16, 2009, SwayShay said:

    @ Megan, okay thanks, I swear I read that he did help with it, w00t! LOL

  9. On Oct 15, 2009, Cate85 said:

    Great :-) !!! Cant wait to get mine too !!!

  10. On Oct 15, 2009, Isa said:

    I'm waiting for mine!!!! Ahhhhhhhh I hope it arrives soon!!!