1. On Mar 12, 2010, Nickely said:

    love the creativity of nick is so full of his great spirit , I love it
    thanks for everything sugarpie Im so down with you.


    BSB in monterrey n.l.

  2. On Feb 3, 2010, SwayShay said:

    Love my hoodie! :)
    people love it as well!

  3. On Nov 27, 2009, Denise M. said:

    I was one of the lucky ones who ordered the Nick-O-Lantern Sweatshirt. I thought that it was mailed on October 28, but here it is November 27 and I still don't have it. Has anyone else received theirs? Or if anyone could please let me know when to expect it. I thought that I would have it by now! Thanks; Denise.

  4. On Nov 5, 2009, alekrter ♥ said:

    mmm me hubiera gustado tenerla espero que pueda obtener la proxima!!

  5. On Oct 28, 2009, SabiKaos said:

    I'm wondering when I will have it... it has been accepted October 27th...

  6. On Oct 28, 2009, Meg said:

    LOL! Bras, thongs.. love it! I think it would be cute if he did little Santa hats!

  7. On Oct 28, 2009, SwayShay said:

    No bra's either, LOL!!

    Lame.... LOL!

  8. On Oct 28, 2009, frack_inma said:

    oh well.... seems i missed this one... :S.... Andwhat´s worse.. I really like it :P

  9. On Oct 27, 2009, Tori said:

    lol!Bras...funny ideas you're all coming up with :P

  10. On Oct 27, 2009, nicksbabe28 said:

    My order is fulfilled too, I'm hoping like crazy I get mine for November 8th (Birmingham UK) as that's concert day for me!
    I so want to wear mine for the concert :D