1. Baby makes four! Nick and Lauren are expecting a new little one this year.

  2. Nick and Howie want to keep partying with you, Europe!

  3. A new era has begun for the Backstreet Boys...and it may be their best yet!

  4. It's your turn to party with Nick and Howie, Hannover! 

  5. Nick celebrated the end of the Vegas era and the beginning of the 'DNA' era with fans last weekend! See the photos.

  6. Kick off the Backstreet Boys last concert day in Vegas with Nick Carter by the pool! Details inside.

  7. About to celebrate 26 years together, Backstreet Boys: The Experience is a trip down memory lane for Nick and the Boys!

  8. Before a new tour begins, FC member Karen is reflecting on her very first BSB tour experience!

  9. Where will you see the Backstreet Boys next? Get all the options!

  10. As tour draws closer, more details about the upcoming 'DNA' tour are coming out + there's a Spring sale going on!

  11. Back by popular demand, Nick is using Instagram to give fans Nick's Corner 2.0!

  12. Nick and the rest of the Backstreet Boys returned to the Vina Del Mar Music Festival for the first time since 1998!