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I'm Taking Off: Relaunched & Remixed (Download)

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A digital download of Nick Carter’s new remix LP, I’m Taking Off: Relaunched & Remixed

Track List

  1. I'm Taking Off (DJ Kevin Larock Remix)
  2. I'm Taking Off (Approaching Nirvana Remix)
  3. I'm Taking Off (B Sensei Remix Edit)
  4. So Far Away (Romey B. Remix)
  5. So Far Away (TinoK Dubai Remix)
  6. So Far Away (Michiel van Erp Remix)
  7. Love Can't Wait (Stereothief Remix)
  8. Love Can't Wait (Maxwell B Superstar Remix)
  9. Not the Other Guy (Saulius V Remix)
  10. Not the Other Guy (Incorporated Element Remix)
  11. Not the Other Guy (TonoVinco Remix)
  12. Falling Down (Savacan Extended Club Remix)
  13. Falling Down (Peaboo Remix)
  14. Falling Down (Final Conflict Remix)
  15. Just One Kiss (Dezzo & Tenenbaum Remix)
  16. Just One Kiss (Dezzo & Tenenbaum Remix Edit)
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